Saturday, March 21, 2015

Improvements - Changes - Other Important Matters

In 1970, the Solbergs (former owners) became full-time residents. They did major renovations and improvements as they converted the home from part-time to full-time, including (but not limited to):
  • Replaced most of the stone foundation with concrete block
  • Converted barn to two car garage & single bay shop
  • Concrete floor for garage
  • Extended kitchen and remodeled
  • Sanded floors
  • Change from spring fed water supply to drilled well
  • Installed forced hot air oil furnace
When we purchased the home in 1997, we spent a year redecorating: stripping wall paper, painting, refinishing floors. We did some remodeling:
  • wood plank floors in the Children's Room and Study/Den
  • book shelves in Children's Room, Den, hall (up & down stairs)
  • 3/4 bath at top of stairs
  • new fixtures in full bath (except tub) and downstairs 3/4 bath
  • door from downstairs Guest Room to 3/4 bath
  • New kitchen counters, some changes to counter tops, flooring
  • Master Bedroom - cut door to closet - removed wall to enlarge room 
Master Bedroom before remodeling

Master Bedroom - removing front wall to enlarge room
  • In 1999, the well casing was brought above grade to comply with current standards 
  • In 1999, the shop floor was removed and completely rebuilt. The old planks forming the floor were put on top of the floor joists and plywood underlayment. Similar work was done on the barn loft floor over the shop
  • In 1999-2000, old aluminum storms were removed and single pane window sash replaced with new windows tracks, and window sash with energy panel. The energy efficiency of the windows was significantly improved.


VIEW EASMENT - Provides that no structure (except one for agricultural purposes) shall be built on the property across the Rock River from the home west of an extension of the north boundary line of our property. June 22, 1998.

UNDERGROUND TANK - Removal of 1,000 gal underground fuel oil tank, October 20, 1998, in accordance with all established procedures and under supervision of an environmental engineer. Letter from Agency of Natural Resources, dated July 7, 1999.

FLOOD PLAIN - The structure (home and barn/garage) are NOT in the Special Flood Hazard Area (Flood Plain). Dated September 17, 1999

In 1999, the WELL CASING was brought above grade to comply with current water & health standards