Saturday, March 21, 2015

Second Floor Tour

MASTER BEDROOM - This room served as our Master Bedroom, then as a B&B Guest Room, and is again our Master Bedroom. The east facing windows provide cheerful sunlight in the morning.

Master Bedroom - eyebrow windows at front

Master Bedroom


Upstairs Hall looking toward front of home

Upstairs Hallway - door to 3/4 bath at top of stairs

Hallway looking from top of stairs

3/4 BATH

3/4 Bath

BEDROOM/HOBBY ROOM - This was our youngest daughter's room, then a B&B Guest Room with a double bed. Next it served as the Study, and is now a Study/Hobby Room with single bed for visiting grandchildren. It is a cozy room, cheerful and bright, especially with the afternoon sun.

Bedroom/Hobby Room

Bedroom/Hobby Room - eyebrow windows toward front of house


Full Bath

Currently the CHILDREN'S ROOM (for Grandchildren when they visit), for many years this room was Bedroom  of the Master Suite.

Children's Room looking toward front of home
Children's room looking toward back of home
 STUDY/DEN - This room has served as the Study/Den for the Master Suite, then as a Guest Room/Den, and is once again the Study/Den.

Study/Den looking toward front of home
Study/Den looking toward rear of home
Study/Den looking into Children's Room

BACK STEPS - Upstairs, the back steps lead to the Study/Den (right), and to the barn loft. Downstairs, the steps go to the Laundry, and the Garage.

Back Steps