Friday, March 20, 2015

The Barn

"The Barn" attached to this old Village Home once provided a place to keep the buggy and the sled out of the elements, and to stable the horse(s) and perhaps a milk cow.

It was significantly altered by the Solbergs to serve the modern purpose of keeping automobiles garaged and out of the elements. In Winter, this is important - no cleaning snow off the car. One only has to wait for the Town Road Crew to plow the road, and they do a magnificent job at that. (Of course, clearing the driveway has to be done, but a good snow blower makes quick work.)

The single bay is the shop and place where the yard equipment can be stored and be handy when needed.

The Barn Loft, once used for storing hay for the animals, now provides abundant attic space. But an old barn does not have an attic. We persist in calling it "The Loft."

In the back of the barn is what we call the "lower shed," where we keep garden tools and materials, and store lawn furniture during the winter. Snow slides from the roof, creating significant piles. The dutch door which we built and installed allows access, especially handy in the early spring when tools are needed, but snow has not melted. Open the top, and climb over!